St. Valentines Relics Whitefriar St. Church


Conor Doyle speaks to Fr BERNARD MURPHY of the Carmelite order the St. Valentines Relics held in Whitefriar St Church. Events held in the church to mark the 14th of February. Today, the Shrine is visited throughout the year by couples who come to pray to Valentine and to ask him to watch over them in their lives together. The feastday of the saint on February 14 is a very popular one and many couples come to the Eucharistic celebrations that day which also includes a Blessing of Rings for those about to be married. On the feastday, the Reliquary is removed from beneath the side-altar and is placed before the high altar in the church and there venerated at the Masses.

Duration: 7'24'' DATE: February 8, 2016
Interviewer:Conor Doyle
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Interviewee:Fr Bernard Murphy
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Keywords:Valentines Day, St. Valentines Relics
LocationDublin Time Period:2016
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