Volunteer Of The Year


John speaks to NINA ARWITZ from Volunteer Ireland and MATT CULLEN who recently won the Volunteer Of The Year award.

Nina talks about the background of Volunteer Ireland, the hard work that is put in volunteers, how thanking the volunteers for their hard work makes it worthwhile to be involved, the wide range and diversity of volunteering today and how they’ve made National Volunteer Day into National Volunteer Week.

She also talks about how the volunteers are responsible for many different events that we wouldn’t realise and the possible vacancies out there.

Matt talks about his surprise in winning the award, what inspired him to be involved in volunteering, the type of work that he helped out with, how his interests in art and gardening came in handy with his volunteering, how much he enjoys it and the encouragement he gets from everyone.

He also talks about his positivity that he gets from his physical condition, how he looks at life and what he would say to people thinking about volunteering.

Duration: 24'22" DATE: December 9, 2015
Interviewer:John Healy
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Nina Arwitz, Matt Cullen
Themes:Irish Life & Culture
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