Art Pieces in Grogan’s Bar


Barbara speaks to TOMMY SMITH from Grogan’s Bar in South William Street.

He talks about the development of the pub, the art pieces of displays from artists such as Brian McMahon and Tom Matthews, the idea behind the art being displayed in the pub, how a new art piece is put up in the pub if a piece is sold and the exhibits that take place in the pub.

Duration: 8'22" DATE: October 21, 2015
Interviewer:Barbara Jennings, John Healy
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Tommy Smith
Themes:Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:Grogan's Bar, Art Exhibits, Art, Culture
LocationGrogan's Bar, South William Street, Dublin 2 Time Period:2015
Type:Sound Language:English
Creator:Near FM Publisher:Near FM
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