Web summit 2012: a preview


DAIRE HICKEY of the Dublin Web Summit 2012 joins Eoin Drinan to discuss the upcoming festival. They begin by discussing what is taking place at this years summit, which aims to create networking opportunities for start ups and tech firms based around the world.

At this years event there will be talks with Michael acton smith of Moshy Monsters, the director of Men in Black and a number of other entrepreneurs. Daire tells how many of the start ups present are wishing to raise funding and investment at the event.

Daire tells of what an attendee is likely to hear if they attend the main stage at the event with everything from programming to digital marketing being covered.

They discuss how the Coder Dojo initiative will be represented at the event and tell of how a “leaders lunch” will also take place as part of the event.

They talk of the “Spark of Genius” competition which aims to assist worthy start ups and finish by giving details of the event itself, taking place in the RDS, Dublin over a weekend in 2012.


Duration: 09'28" DATE: October 18, 2012
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
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