Finding Thomas Kent


Conor speaks to SEAN SHERWIN who was a huge influence around the Thomas Kent funeral.

He talks about how Kent was the one of the very few people executed outside of Dublin from the 1916 rising, his involvement in the rising with his brothers, how he was captured after the rising, how his mother kept his last few weapons safe and his activities during the rising in Cork.

He also talks about how the mysteries of his burial in Cork prison, the process through finding Kent in the prison, why it was important to find Kent as soon as possible, the archaeologist’s procedure and discoveries in the prison and how they was no damage done to Kent’s skeletal structure.

He also talks about how any future DNA testing for future projects can be easier in the future.

Duration: 26'54" DATE: October 1, 2015
Interviewer:Conor Doyle
Producer:Conor Doyle
Interviewee:Sean Sherwin
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Current Affairs
Keywords:Thomas Kent, 1916 Rising, Executions, Cork, Arbor Hill, Archaeology.
LocationDublin Time Period:2015
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