U2 Stage Set Museum Proposed For North Fingal


Fianna Fail Councillor DARRAGH BUTLER has proposed that Fingal council investigate rock band U2’s desire to display the stages from their past tours at a permanent location in Dublin.

He suggested that somewhere in north Fingal could be a potential location.

Mr Butler told Mark Finnegan he believed it should be considered because of the potential tourism it could generate.

“There is a lot of work already going on with trying to boost tourism in the area,” he pointed out.

Mr Butler raised the issue of the U2 sets at this month’s meeting of Fingal County Council.

He was told in a response to his query that the economic development unit “will explore the merits of this as a potential tourism project”.

Mr Butler said he knew that the stage sets are big pieces that would probably take up a lot of space.

“It’s about finding a location that could accommodate them, but I thought I would put it out there for consideration,” Mr Butler added.

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