The Ierne Club’s Place in History


DES KANE from the Ierne Social & Sports Club, talks to Pat Meehan about the club’s growth and history. Based on Gracepark Road, Drumcondra, the club was originally formed in 1911 as the C. B. P.P. U. ( Christian Brothers Past Pupils Union ). It was based for many years at 12 Parnell Sq East, close to the main entrance into the Garden of Remembrance.

The Ierne Hall in Parnell Sq was known to most Dubliners for Whist Drives and later for dances particularly in the showband era. The club activities were held in the hall and the other rooms on the ground and upper floors, and included at different stages a strong and active debating society, a musical and dramatic society, snooker & billiards, bridge , chess, fencing and badminton.

The members were also engaging – and organised – in outdoor activities from an early stage such as football and swimming. To meet growing demand from members the sports ground (over 4 acres and just a few minutes drive from the city centre) was purchased in 1930 with the entrance then off Waterfall Ave (close to the 10th green).

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