Ireland’s Drinking Culture: Addiction or Genetics?


Doctor GARRETT MCGOVERN, a specialist in substance abuse, joins Sabrina Ryan to discuss the link between substance addiction and genetics. Dr McGovern believes there is a possible link between nature and nurture, suggesting that a family environment where drinking heavily is prevalent can have a knock-on effect on the next generation of the household.

Dr McGovern says Ireland is in the top three nations in the world in terms of alcohol consumed per capita. He and Sabrina discuss the Irish attitude to binge drinking and alcohol in general. It seems we associate alcohol with every celebratory occasion, drinking far too much, far too quickly, and for far too long.

They also debate the issue of minimum pricing points for alcohol. Some say this will lead to lower alcohol consumption, but Dr McGovern is concerned that this could drive alcohol production underground.

Sabrina and Dr McGovern suggest that genetics could be used as an excuse for excessive drinking. Dr McGovern says the stigma of alcoholism needs to be addressed and more people need to accept the possibility that they need treatment.

Duration: 08'46" DATE: November 4, 2013
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