Culture Night 2013


AMY VAN WYLICH joins Eoin Drinan to speak about the upcoming events as part of Culture night 2013. Amy speaks of how the festival has grown over the previous eight years, with 2013 featuring over 200 different venues. Highlights are RTE Concert Orchestra in Meeting House Square and also the National Photographic archives hosting an exhibition by Jeanette Lowe. There will be live performances in the outdoor festival at the Doorway festival featuring Kicking Bird and Truly DeVine.

Amy speaks of some of the smaller venues taking place in this years event including Big Smoke writing factory and the community garden in Smithfield (Smithfield Art Tunnel). Hugh Lane Gallery will have events such as Tai Chi and art workshops. The teachers club will host traditional music and in the south Georgian quarter there will be venues such as the Unitarian Church which will host live performances and also the Little Museum of Dublin.

They talk of the buzz that is created on the night in the city and talk of having been lucky with the weather for outdoor events in previous years. Amy talks of outdoor markets and speakers corners which will feature on the night.

Amy speaks of the Culture Night tours which will help people to decide what venues they might attend. We hear that physical brochures for the evening can be picked up at information kiosks dotted around the city.

Amy speaks of how the festival has spread outside of the city with many venues based outside of the city centre coming on board as part of this years festival.

Duration: 09'13" DATE: September 19, 2013
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Interviewee:Amy Van wylich
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