The reality of Horses in Darndale in 2013


NICKO MURPHY of the Darndale Comunity Pride project joins Yvette Reid to discuss the issue of loose horses in the area which at the time of the interview is a large problem. They discuss the lack of a tagging system in identifying the owner and how 78 horses were reported in the course of five days.

We’re told that Dublin City Council have a hotline that can be contacted and they will come at night with the horse control unit, along with the Gardai and seize the horse. 4762 horses were euthanized in the previous four years by the Horse Unit on a national level.

Nicko tells Yvette about the issues of animal cruelty which are especially prevalent in bad weather, when horses are left unattended for long periods. Horses can be bought for as little as 30 euro but many people do not realise that it costs hundreds of euro a week to feed and maintain each animal.

It costs 700 euro to take a horse back from the Horse Unit, however as a result of the low cost of purchase of the horses, most horses go unclaimed and go on to be euthanized after seven days.







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