Rise of new HIV Infections in Ireland 2013


TIERNAN BRADY, director of Gay HIV Strategies (GLEN) joins Eoin Drinan to discuss the worrying trend of HIV statistics in Ireland. There was the high level of new infections in Ireland, a statistic growing year on year over the previous 10 years to 166 in the year 2013

The second emerging figure is that the average age is also lowering, 32 years of age as of 2013. Tiernan speaks of a lack of awareness in the national eye, compared to previous decades. HIV has changed in nature, in the 80’s if you caught it you would die, however in 2013 it is still an incurable disease but it is treatable.

Tiernan speaks of putting the resources into raising awareness with the right age groups. They discuss the ability to protect oneself from contracting the condition and the HSE website (www.yoursexualhealth.ie) is suggested for information and hammers home that teaching better sexual health education at school level will have a huge impact.

The Guide clinic and the Gay Mens Health Service on Baggot street are both highlighted as places to access services


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