Learning about Horror Movie podcast site “Underyourbed.org”


BREN MURPHY of Underyourbed.org speaks to Eoin Drinan about his horror films blog and podcasting site. He speaks of the genres of Horror that exist and how certain genres have grown popular in recent times.

Bren speaks of planning to do a “silent movie” special in the future and how horror movies have been prevalent since the very beginning of film, with the likes of Nosferatu and Dracula.

At the time of the interview 18 podcasts existed on the podcast site. Bren invites anyone who is also a fan of horror movies and might wish to join him on the podcasts to contact him.

They conclude by discussing that many famous directors, while not commonly known for the horror genre, began by creating horror movies.

Duration: 08'28" DATE: April 18, 2013
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
Producer:Eoin Drinan
Interviewee:Bren Murphy
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