The future of the 1916 Moore street buildings: 2013


Councillor Nial Ring speaks to Pat Meehan about the fate of the buildings on Moore street so closely associated with the 1916 rising, primarily as the location of the main rebel surrender. Controversy surrounds the plans of the government to demolish the buildings on the site to make way for a shopping centre.

Nial outlines a petition being ran at the time to try lobby government to preserve the area for future generations as well as for the 100 year anniversaries of the 1916 rising.

They talk of wishes for a museum on the site and how that might fit in with the surroundings on the rest of the street. Nial also discusses some of the reasons why the area was such a poignant part of the 1916 rising.

They finish by discussing the ongoing deteriation of the site and the importance of preserving the site in a timely manner.

Duration: 15'15" DATE: February 4, 2013
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
Producer:Yvette Reid
Interviewee:Nial Ring
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Current Affairs
Keywords:Moore Street, Nial Ring, 1916 rising, preserving moore street, moore street petition, moore street museum
LocationMoore Street, Dublin Time Period:2013
Type:Sound Language:English
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