ALONE: Cuts in Home Help Are A False Economy


Ronnie O’Brien talks to SEAN MOYNIHAN, CEO of ALONE about cuts in Home Help. There was great disappointment at the arbitrary cuts in home help budgets announced last week.
This is the second year that cuts in home care have been made. Now 2 million hours of this support has been cut. This makes it almost impossible for many people to stay in their own homes and live with a modicum of dignity. Sean says that these are low cost, high-value services and that cutting them is a false economy. Those that cannot live at home as a result of these cuts must go into care homes, which cost a great deal more.

Duration: 11'7" DATE: September 18, 2012
Interviewer:Ronnie O' Brien
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:Sean Moynihan
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