Howth Coast Guard report


PAUL COOPER, Deputy Officer with the Howth Coast Guard, warns against people lighting Chinese lanterns, as they are being mistaken for distress flares. Paul asks members of the public to call the Coast Guard if they are about to light Chinese lanterns. Presenter Pat Meehan also asks Paul about the Coast Guard units in Ireland. Paul talks about their safety outreach programme with schools and members of the public. We also learn that the Coast Guard is funded by the Department of Transport.

Duration: 10'47" DATE: March 12, 2012
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
Producer:Yvette Reid
Interviewee:Paul Cooper
Themes:Local News, Local Current Affairs
Keywords:Howth Coast Guard, Distress Flares, Chinese Lanterns, Emergency services, Department of Transport
LocationHowth Time Period:2012
Type:Sound Language:English
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