Protest against Corrib Gas Project


Mark Finnegan chats with RUARI MCKIERAN a social campaigner about the Corrib gas project.  The Corrib gas project cuts to the core of this republic and asks big questions about how the country is run. For more than 10 years now, campaigners have attempted to highlight the project’s many flaws.  It had been one of the biggest scandals and corruption affairs in Ireland and makes the nation think more about natural resources. It has been a huge unfair battle of  a rural Gaeltacht community versus Shell, the fourth-largest company in the world, its partners Statoil and Vermillion, and their powerful allies in politics and the media.  Many of those involved have been ridiculed, slandered, spied on, harassed, beaten and jailed – all for standing up for their rights. Incidents included the 2005 jailing of the Rossport Five, who spent 94 days in prison at the behest of Shell. Even if Shell apologized for that, it would not make the entire situation better. Ruairi McKiernan  a Social Campaigner protests against how the State is dealing with it and tries to make a difference.

Duration: 16'10" DATE: January 11, 2016
Interviewer:Mark Finnegan
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Interviewee:Ruari McKieran
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LocationIreland Time Period:2016
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