Launching of the book Pearse Street 100 – Stephen Moore


Conor Doyle is chatting with author STEPHEN MOORE about his book ‘Pearse Street 100’, which chronicles a century of activity at the station and the stories of the men – and women – who served there down the years.  From the 1916 Rising to Ned Broy and Michael Collins, from protecting the institutions of the new Irish State to policing a 24-hour city centre. Its story is told in a commemorative book, Pearse Street 100, compiled and funded by local Garda Stephen Moore.The landmark building — clad in granite with its distinctive curved corner — was erected in December 1915 on what was then known as Great Brunswich St.

The book deals with the early beginnings of the Station as a DMP (Dublin Metropolitan Police) until Pears Station nowadays.

The book also recounts the relationship with DMP intelligence officer, Det Sgt Ned Broy and Michael Collins during the War of Independence.

Although there were female police assistants as far back as 1917, there were no female guards until 1959, when 12 were recruited.

The book consists of a well-balanced mixture of text and photography, Pearse Street 100 is truly a unique piece of the city’s rich history. The book is available from the corner around Pearse Street and from the Station itself.

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