Proposal To Build Houses in St. Paul’s, Raheny


Pat speaks to Cllr. NAOISE Ó MUIRÍ (Fine Gael) on a proposal to build 400 houses in the grounds of St. Paul’s, Raheny near St. Anne’s Park.

He talks about the controversy behind the proposal, where exactly the proposal may take place, the background of the developer, who decides whether the land can go ahead with any development plan and why you can’t put residential housing on zoned space.

Duration: 7'27" DATE: November 5, 2015
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
Producer:Pat Meehan, John Healy
Interviewee:Cllr. Naoise Ó Muirí
Themes:Local Current Affairs
Keywords:Housing Proposal, St. Paul's, St. Anne's Park, Raheny, Dublin City Council,
LocationSt. Paul's, Raheny, Dublin Time Period:2015
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