Art on Dublin City Council Utility Boxes in Fairview


Pat speaks to ANNE & MARION who are involved in painting art on Dublin City Council utility boxes in Fairview.

They talk about what they painted on the boxes, the stories behind some of the paintings, their involvement in their local art group in Marino, the enjoyment they got from the project, the time put into each box and the encouragement they received from their art group.

They also talk about the reaction they got for their art and the original idea behind the project.

Duration: 13'18" DATE: October 22, 2015
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
Producer:Pat Meehan
Interviewee:Anne & Marion
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:Art On Utility Boxes, Fairview, Dublin City Council, Art, Marino Art Group,
LocationFairview, Dublin Time Period:2015
Type:Sound Language:English
Creator:Near FM Publisher:Near FM
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