Rock n Roll Is Back In Dublin Town


It’s back!
But this time with an even bigger bang! And a new name!

Formerly known as the Rock-N-Roll Conference, held in Dublin last year, the whole shebang will be working under a new name, The Dublin Rock-N- Roll Festival!

KEIRAN BLACK chats here with Conor Daly about all the events planned for this festival.

Celebrating Music! Cars! Hairstyles! Clothing! Everything Rockabilly and much more!
A free event for lovers of all things 50s and 60s! If you are a lover of Rockabilly Music, Rock-N-Roll, Fast Cars, Motorcycles, 50s frocks and bobby socks, then this is for you.

We are proudly in conjunction with The Dame District, Failte Ireland, Abner Browns and The Rock-N-Roll Marathon. So if you are a Rock-N-Roll enthusiast then this is the place for you!

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Interviewer:Conor Daly
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