Darndale Arts Week – Something For Everyone


DARINA SHOULDICE of Our Lady Immaculate School in Darndale talks to Noel McGuinness about the wide range of activities taking place during Darndale Arts Week. She also talks about the development of Darndale over the past 30 years into the vibrant community it is today, with the Darndale Belcamp Village Centre, Sphere 17 youth group, Golden Years group for the elderly, Jigsaw, New Life, and Early Start all working on behalf of all age groups in the area.

Appearing at this year’s Arts Festival are St Fintan’s Choir, The Garda Band, and writer, director Peter Sheridan who will be reading from his new autobiography and giving workshops for budding artists.

More details on the Darndale Belcamp Village Centre Facebook page.

Duration: 17'07" DATE: October 28, 2014
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Interviewee:Darina Shouldice
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