Removal of Literacy Post in TARGET, Donaghmede


Noel speaks to Cllr. MICHAEL O’BRIEN from the Anti Austerity Alliance about the removal of a literacy post in TARGET, Donaghmede.

He talks the situation where the Education and Training Board is not funding a replacement for TARGET, the disruption that it may cause to people taking adult education in the area and the lack of resources that CLEAR in Kilbarrack have in order to try and resolve the issue.

He also talks about the funding board’s priorities have changed to favor younger job seekers, the system in which they impose cuts on services such as adult education and the process in which he aims to appeal it with.

He goes on to talk about the great work that TARGET do in the Donaghmede area and what impact it will have if nothing comes from the appeal.

Duration: 8'49" DATE: June 20, 2014
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:Michael O'Brien
Themes:Local News, Local Current Affairs
Keywords:anti austerity alliance, literacy post, adult education, education and training board, TARGET, CLEAR,
LocationDublin Time Period:2014
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