Northside Partnership’s Preparing for Life Programme


John speaks to NOEL KELLY, the manager of the Northside Partnership’s Preparing for Life Programme “Pioneering Prevention Programme” for Children on Dublin’s Northside.

He speaks about the objectives of the programme and how it started, the progress of the first parents and children that they were supporting when the programme started, how the families joined the programme and how they are continuing to find research results from children in the programme.

He also mentions why it is important to have children under 3 years learning while their brain capacity grows rapidly before that time and how language and communication is particularly important for kids to learn.

He later on talks about the new expansions of the programme out in areas such as Darndale, the work it involves from the staff team and existing providers, how the focus of each family is towards the parents and why the areas for this programme were chosen.

He went on to say how children are our main asset, why we can’t just wait to see if things go wrong in these cases and who is responsible for the funding of the programme now and possibly in the future.

Telephone: 8771509

Duration: 18'19" DATE: June 4, 2014
Interviewer:John Healy
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Interviewee:Noel Kelly
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