Christian Aid Responds to Typhoon Haiyan in The Philippines


FLORENCE MUTESASIRA of international relief agency Christian Aid joins John Healy on the phone. They discuss the current crisis in The Philippines and how they will distribute the €500,000 which has been donated by the Irish government. Florence says the money will directly help 40,000 people providing tangible help in the form of tents, tarpaulins, food, water, blankets, and cooking equipment.

Florence tells that disease is not an issue at this time but worries that the lack of clean water could create problems in the near future. There are sanitary issues and many hospitals are not fully functioning.

It is now two weeks since the Typhoon and aid is filtering through to affected areas.

Florence says 4.4 million people have been made homeless due to the crisis. She asks people to keep The Philippines in their minds and donate via Christian Aid if they are able to.

People can donate via

Duration: 15'03" DATE: November 27, 2013
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