Cóis Céim and the Festival of Contemporary Dance


DAVID BOLGER of Cóis Céim Dance Theatre tells Eoin Drinan what is in store for the company’s forthcoming coming week-long Celebration of Dance. David says the festival offers an opportunity to see some of the many kinds of work they do.

There will be six presentations of short films from Cóis Céim’s youth group “Creative Steps”. These films were written, choreographed, and directed by the students and will be screened at the IFI.

“Take a Leap, Bridge the Gap” is a visual piece that saw them working with several different artists. .

David says the festival offers people an opportunity to experience new concepts in dance and create a space for them to understand and read modern dance.

Duration: 04'54" DATE: October 31, 2013
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
Producer:Eoin Drinan
Interviewee:David Bolger
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