What is the Washington Ireland Programme?


RAY MORAN, Student and member of the Washington Ireland Programme speaks to Eoin Drinan and explains the purpose of the programme. Having applied for it in his final year in college, he shares with listeners that his interest was sparked by “having a passion for something and doing  something about proactively changing things” – a passion Ray has for his local community.

Ray tells us how the project aims to take what you have done in the past and help you to build on your skills, his own work in Scouting Ireland and volunteering in Romania being his own personal experiences.

Ray shares his own hopes for the future, building on his experience with the programme, in setting up an initiative in his old secondary school to make third level study a priority.

They briefly discuss the lack of a rise of third level students in third level programmes, despite the reduction of college fees and hypothesize ways to increase the numbers and motivation.

Duration: 10'51" DATE: June 13, 2013
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
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Interviewee:Ray Moran
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