Conor Doyle speaks of the History of the Theatre Royal


CONOR DOYLE joins Noel McGuinness to speak about the Theatre Royal and the series of programmes which they made about its history. Conor explains his own interest in the Thetre Royal and where it has come from. They then speak of the location of the Theatre Royal and whether there is the possibility of a museum dedicated to the memory of the theatre.

Conor encourages people to share any memoriabilia that they may have with Mary Clarke in order to build the collection. They discuss one particular theatre programme that Conor has shown Noel and they discuss some other artists who performed there. They talk of their wish to track down any parts of the Compton Organ.

They share memories of the theatre having 3 shows a day and people bringing the whole family there on  Sunday to sit in the cheap seats as it was also cheaper than heating the house. They talk of the capacity of the theatre (roughly 4,000) and the luxurious surroundings of the theatre space.

They talk of Bill Haley and the Comets performing there and the sheer noise of the crowd at the performance. They also talk of some of the visual records which Conor has tracked down including some video footage of the demolition of the theatre.

They finish by sharing details of the talk which Conor is providing at the local library about the Theatre and play a track by Jimmy Campbell and Pauline Forbes from the theatre.

Duration: 20'35" DATE: May 10, 2013
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
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Interviewee:Conor Doyle
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