The Importance of Press Freedom – RTE Newsreader Eileen Dunne


RTE news reader EILEEN DUNNE speaks to Eoin Drinan on the eve of World Press Freedom day 2013. Eileen shares her thoughts as President of the Association of European Journalists and gives an outline of the major themes in the 2013 event.

She says that in Ireland we are lucky with the level freedom given to the press.

Duration: 03'10" DATE: May 2, 2013
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
Producer:Eoin Drinan
Interviewee:Eileen Dunne
Themes:Global Issues with a Local Focus
Keywords:World Press freedom day, importance of press freedom, Eileen Dunne, Association of European Journalists, Impunity
LocationInternational Time Period:2013
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