Glasnevin Cemetery 1913 Lock Out tours


SHANE MAC THOMAIS of the Glasnevin Trust speaks to Pat Meehan about the tours being held in the Glasnevin Cemetery as part of the celebrations of the book “Strumpet City” which is based at the time of the Dublin City Lock Out of 1913.

Shane speaks of how many of the main people involved in the lock out are buried in the cemetery. He explains how a number of people were buried every day in the cemetery, many of them having gone through the workhouses of the time.

Shane also speaks of “Larkins Regiment”, who featured in the first world war. We hear of the Cemetery tours lasting 90 minutes including a re-inactment of a speech at the graveside by Ger O Leary. The money made from the tour admission  is being put towards restoring headstones in the graveyard.

Shane goes on to tell of two particular peoples stories, Helena Maloney, founder of the Irish Women Workers union and also Charlotte Despard a revolutionary socialist agitator.


Duration: 07'12" DATE: April 22, 2013
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