TASC discuss adjustments in tax announced in Budget 2012


Ronnie O’Brien speaks to NAT O’CONNOR, Director of TASC  (Think Tank for Action on Social Change) and they begin by discussing recent taxes brought in by the government, soon after the release of the yearly financial budget for 2012. They look at the pros and cons of these taxes (property tax etc.) and the difference between urban and rural households in terms of these taxes.

Nat speaks about the possible reasons why certain taxes were not increased while others were and the knock on affect which this is likely to have. They briefly discuss some situations of “Tax Avoidance” by multinationals.

They discuss the idea of copying the “Scandinavian model” and how, with a similar sized population, many of these countries are able to invest tax payments into local government and less so into national government.


Duration: 15'56" DATE: December 12, 2012
Interviewer:Ronnie O'Brien
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Interviewee:Nat O'Connor
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