“Know your neighbour” campaign 2012


ALAN JAGOE of Macra na Féirme joins Ronnie O’Brien to discuss their “Know your Neighbour” campaign. Alan shares where the idea came from, to encourage social events where local people have the ability to network and socialise with their neighbours.

Alan talks of how the emigration within small parishes in rural Ireland can have a devastating effect on the area, with many younger generations moving to towns and cities. They discuss the problem of rural emigration and talk of what could be done to combat the issue.

They talk of the gap in youths being born to the current generation, as people begin to have children at an older age and explore the issue that this creates in the short term with a shortage of children in school services in the area.

Alan encourages people to get involved with the campaign and organise an event in their area.

Duration: 09'48" DATE: June 26, 2012
Interviewer:Ronnie O'Brien
Producer:Ronnie O'Brien
Interviewee:Alan Jagoe
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