Peter McVerry Trust – Homelessness in Dublin update


PAT DOYLE of the Peter McVerry Trust joins Pat Meehan to give an update on the homelessness situation in Dublin. Pat explains that the numbers of homeless has risen since 2011. The trust has opened a new hostel in 2012. The city council has opened a new hostel.

If you cannot get a bed on any given night then you will be given a sleeping bag, and essentially sleep rough, or on the streets.

The Dublin Homeless forum is aiming for elimination of sleeping bags so that everyone who needs a bet will get a bed on any given night.

Pat and the Peter McVerry Trust have also noticed an increase in the numbers of non nationals sleeping rough in Dublin.


Duration: 10'54" DATE: January 23, 2012
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
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Interviewee:Pat Doyle
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