Dublin City Local Economic and Community Plan 2016 – 2021

HELEN O’LEARY from Dublin City Council chats to Mark Finnegan about the Dublin City Local Economic and Community Plan 2016 – 2021.

The first Local Economic and Community Plan is being developed for Dublin City setting out high level goals, objectives and actions needed to promote and support economic development and local and community development over the next six years.

Early in 2015, the two bodies tasked with developing the Plan (the Local Community Development Committee and the Economic and Enterprise Development Strategic Policy Committee) identified twelve key social and economic goals for the City, to be addressed over the lifetime of the Plan.

The focus of the Plan is on the social and economic issues and goals that can be addressed by Dublin City Council, local businesses and community and voluntary organisations and state bodies.

Duration: 12'02" DATE: June 22, 2015
Interviewer:Mark Finnegan
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Interviewee:Helen O'Leary
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