A New Dimension For Irish Storytelling


The theatre company Guthanna Binne Síoraí announced that their bilingual show Guthanna Síoraí/Everlasting Voices, would be staged in Dublin. The show takes its inspiration from the poetry of three Nobel prize-winning writers: Seamus Heaney, W.B. Yeats and Samuel Beckett. Music, song and dance are used to present their work in both Irish and English.
Guthanna Síoraí’s Artistic Director, CATHAL QUINN tells Pat Meehan that the piece takes the audience on a journey from the cradle to the grave through the writings of the three. Youth, love and old age are all themes that are teased out and poet Gabriel Rosenstock has translated some of the texts into Irish in order to give the work “a new dimension”.
The show premiered in the Samuel Beckett Theatre, TCD, Info: www.facebook.com/GuthannaBinneSiorai.

Duration: 7'21" DATE: May 7, 2015
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
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