Hay Literary and Arts festival, Kells Co. Meath 2013


GER GAUGHRAN tells Eoin Drinan about the upcoming Hay Festival in Kells, Meath. We hear that this brand of Arts and Literary festival started in Wales. In 2011 the chamber of commerce contacted the festival committee about organising a Hay festival in Kells and after two years work this is the first Irish event.

Ger speaks about the launch of the ‘typecloud’ – a celebration of font and connected to the book of Kells, a rare book auction and there are a total of 50 events including workshops, theatre and children’s activities including a screening of “The Secret of Kells” animation.

The festival also has a number of Irish language events including a Siopa Leabhar or Irish book shop. Separate to the festival itself there is a craft fair and a number of Art exhibitions. They have 14 pop-up bookshops as part of the festival with a number of booksellers from around the country descending on the town for the weekend.

Many of the events are free but others are very moderately priced at between 2euro and 8euro.

Duration: 07'03" DATE: June 27, 2013
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
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Interviewee:Ger Gaughran
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