“Higgstruments” performance at Hugh Lane using recycled instruments


GEORGE HIGGS, Composer, speaks to Noel McGuinness about the process of creating sounds and music using “Lost and Found” objects. They begin by speaking of a concert taking place at the Hugh Lane where George will perform his music using these “Found” objects, such as bicycle pumps, pipes and many vibrating instruments.

Some of the instruments George uses are Bicycle wheels, Steel pipes and rods made of Aluminium. They also talk of the selection process for performers at the event and how the compositions are formed.

Many of the instruments come from recycling centres, upcycled from items thrown away and Ringsend recycling centre has even been a performance space for the ensemble.

They finish up by talking about the use of “Noise” as a drama in the execution of notes and mention some similar musicians who have used found sound throughout history.





Duration: 16'27" DATE: May 7, 2013
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:George Higgs
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:sound design, found sound, george higgs, higgstruments, Hugh Lane, bicycle instruments, musical pipes,
LocationDublin Time Period:2013
Type:Sound Language:English
Creator:Near FM Publisher:Near FM
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