“Prism” at the Talbot Gallery


ELAINE GRAINGERS joins Paula Wiseman to discuss the exhibition “Prism” at the Talbot Gallery. The work is by an artist called Aisling Conroy, who has been working on this exhibition for nine months.

We hear how it is a work quite strong on colour which also uses Sound Installation. We hear that the works use many primary colours and try to create a meditative state. Elaine shares some details of Aislings other work and invites people to join Aisling for a walk through at the gallery.

She carries on to explain how the gallery itself works and the services available at the gallery for aspiring artists. She speaks of her own background and how she became involved with the gallery itself. They share the gallery opening times and contact details.

Duration: 12'56" DATE: March 14, 2013
Interviewer:Paula Wiseman
Producer:Paula Wiseman
Interviewee:Elaine Grainger
Themes:Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:prism, prism exhibition in Talbot Gallery, elaine grainger, fine art in dublin, Talbot Gallery space, Aisling Conroy Prism, art exhibition talbot street
LocationDublin Time Period:2013
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