Business Information Centre


John Healy speaks to PETER O’REILLY of the Business Information Centre who are a reference service useful for people thinking of starting a business. They run the ‘Start your own business’ and career direction programme and were involved with the Innovation Dublin festival 2012.

This years theme is ” Start your own business”. The course runs over 6 lectures to the general public aimed at anyone starting their own business. It looks at innovative ways to start a business in the recession.

They also speak about their career direction programme for people thinking of changing career or upskilling. They invite career coaches to come in to the library and give tips.

They speak about the great feedback they received from the previous lectures.

Duration: 10'43" DATE: September 19, 2012
Interviewer:John Healy
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Peter O'Reilly
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Keywords:start your own business course, business information centre, ilac centre, changing career, public lectures, business in recession, self employment course, business reference service, self employed, start ups, recession
LocationDublin City Centre, Coolock Time Period:2012
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