Learning about the NEARFM series “Travellers Stories North Dublin through the eyes of the Travelling Community”


PAUL LOUGHRAN of NEARfm joins Paula Wiseman to discuss the upcoming Series which will broadcast on the station called ” Travellers Stories: North Dublin through the eyes of the Travelling community”. Paul tells the background to the series, how it came about and how training the poeple involved in the series was a large part of the ethos of the series.

They discuss how the series has been two years in eh making and shares that there are a large number of contributors invilved including Martin Collins from Pavee point, Kathy Macdonagh and Martin MacDonagh as well as a number of people who live in the local area.

Paul tells how Travact and Pavee point have been promoting the series and they have receievd some very positive feedback. They move on to detail the six programmes involved. The programmes look at the history, ethnicity, culture and educational opportunities available to Travellers.

Paul tells of some things which he has learned in making the series and talks of there being many positive and some negative elements of traveller culture discussed throughout the series.

They finish by discussing the importance of community radio in creating programmes such as this and Paul tells how working with the various groups has been a positive experience.


Duration: 11'56" DATE: June 21, 2012
Interviewer:Paula Wiseman
Producer:Paula Wiseman
Interviewee:Paul Loughran
Themes:Irish Life & Culture
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LocationDublin,Ireland Time Period:2012
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