Africa Week 2012


Minister for Trade & Development JOE COSTELLO joins Ronnie O’Brien to discuss Africa week 2012. Joe explains that a number of official events will be taking place over the weekend. Africa Week is celebrated across Ireland and is organised by both the local government and the local authorities.

Joe explains how some of the events happening include a conference in Trinity college in Dublin and a similar event in the Royal Irish academy. There will be a sports event taking place in Morton stadium in Santry. They discuss how the African diaspora is spread across Ireland and how important it is that local authorities are engaged in the event. Many of the local authorities have twinning connections with towns in Africa. There is a large food festival based down in Georges dock taking place over the weekend with many family events also planned.

They discuss the importance of Irish Aid and Joe explains his particular interest in the area. He tell Ronnie how it has helped in many areas of Africa, facilitating education initiatives and  focusing on helping the poorest of these societies.

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