National Museum Inspires Young Scientists


The National Museum of Ireland is taking a stall at the Young Scientist of the year Exhibition in Dublin. SIOBHAN PIERCE from the Museum tells Noel McGuinness why this is a good idea.

Science, she says, plays a huge part in all our lives. This is as – if not more – true in the museums services as anywhere else.

The very latest technology is utilised in presenting exhibits to their best advantage and in finding out everything we can about them. A prime example was the body of the Bronze Age Clonycavan Man found in bogs in Co Meath. The most advanced spectography and tissue analysis processes were used to establish the age of the body, cause of death, diet, activity and lots more.

The Museum hopes to inspire many young scientists to look towards undertaking research that could enable us to find out more about our pasts as well as the future.

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